Monday , 26 June 2017
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Badminton tournament in Masjid Umar Bin Khattab

In sha Allah, There will be a Badminton tournament in the gym on April 22-23, 2017. For details, please see flier posted in the masjid or visit: Jazak Allah Khair Read More »

Salat ul Janaza for mother of Br. Adel Iqbal today after Zuhr in MCWS Canton

Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi ra ji’oun! (To Allah (SWT) we belong and to HIM (SWT) we return) Bismillahir Rahmmanir Rahiim As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullhi wa Barakaatuh Sr. Saeeda Bano, wife of Muzaffar Iqbal, mother of Br. Adel Iqbal, mother-in-law of Sr. Rahila Adel and grandmother of Haadiyah, Haaris, Abdullah and Maaedah passed away in Toronto on her way to ... Read More »

Mother of Br. Adil Iqbal of Canton passed away

Inna Lillah e Wa Inna Ilayhay Rajioon! Mother of Br. Adil Iqbal (of Canton) passed away while travelling to Toronto. Please make dua for her maghfirat, a place in Jannat ul Firdaus and sabr to the family. May Allah give her maghfirat, a place in Jannat ul Firdaus and sabr to the family, Ameen! Salat ul Janaza information will be ... Read More »

Br. Mustafa Ullah Khan of Canton passed away – Salat ul Janaza in MCWS Canton

Inna Lillah e Wa Inna Ilayhay Rajioon! Br. Mustafa Ullah Khan of Canton passed away in California. Salat ul Janaza of Br. Mustafa Ullah Khan will Insh Allah be held in MCWS (40440 Palmer Rd., Canton) on Friday after 1st Jumah at 12:30 pm. About Br. Mustafa Ullah – Wife Mrs. Heena Tabassum Khan, three kids Areebah, Sumayyah, and Haroon.Mother’s ... Read More »

Br. Mustafa Ullah of Canton passed away – Salat ul Janaza on Friday in MCWS

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of 42 years old Br. Mustafaullah Khan of Canton. He is survived by Mother Fazalunissa Begum, brother Mujtabaullah Khan and Hussain Khan. We ask Allah (swt) to forgive him for any wrongdoing and grant him the highest place in Jannat-ul-Firdous. May Allah give his family patience in this time of loss. ... Read More »

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab weekly announcements

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful ISLAMIC ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN (IAM) 18105 Racho Road – Brownstown – MI 48193 (734) 281-8050 03/03/2017. MASJID ANNOUNCEMENTS. In sha Allah, There Will Be a Speech by Mufti Patel On Sunday, March 5, 2017 After Maghrib Salat. All Community Members/Families Are Invited to Attend and Benefit from This Speech. Live Audio ... Read More »

Naperville, IL – ICN weekly announcements

If you would like to send content to be included in the Friday email, please email it to by Wednesday Night (subject to approval). IMPORTANT NOTICE: All official emails from ICN will be sent only from “”  ICN is not responsible for the content of emails sent from any other address to the community members  since they are not ... Read More »

Interfaith Solidarity March on February 22 – From United Methodist Church to Masjid Bilal Canton

Important Outreach Event – Community members are encouraged to participate and spread the word! What: Join us for a National Day of Congressional Action to stand with immigrants, refugees and Muslim people: The politics of fear in our nation continue to escalate targeting immigrants, refugees and Muslim people with harsh, unjust and discriminatory policies through the Trump administration’s Executive Orders. We ... Read More »

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