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AMDA Eid Carnival Information

“Children thrive where they feel a sense of belonging. If we want our children to feel they belong in the Muslim community, they must feel welcome at the Masjid. Children running in the hallway or playing basketball in the parking lot are not signs of a rowdy Masjid or misbehaving children. They are signs of a flourishing community in which children are building friendships that will connect their hearts and minds to the Masjid.
Children need to develop this connection from the beginning. Once they are older and comfortable ‘hanging out’ elsewhere, it might be too late to bring the Masjid into their hearts.”
Above is an excerpt from article in Soundvision, “Children in the Masjid: Making space for our future”. We need to make the masjid a child friendly space, it is for our future, future of our religion. In an effort to make our future generation feel at home we have arranged for the “EID CARNIVAL”.  Join us at the event, help us make our future generation feel at home.
Friday, September 1st 2017
Time: 6pm to Maghrib
What You Can Expect:
  • Fun structures for the kids to play (Ages 3 to 33)
  • Fun environment for all
  • Food for all (Eid potluck)
  • Fun filled day to remember
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